1+1 Offset to Conserve

Let's support the conservation of strategic ecosystems. Join the LATAM Corporate Carbon Program to track and offset your organization’s travel emissions through trusted climate solutions.


You receive monthly carbon reporting.

Track your organization's carbon footprint with LATAM through monthly reporting and access detailed carbon offset order history.

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You support trusted climate projects.

Access detailed project information, customize allocation across a LATAM-curated portfolio of high-quality projects, and place offset orders.

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We double your positive impact.

For every offset you make, LATAM Group will match your offset, thus doubling your company’s climate contribution.

Connect with trusted climate solutions

The 1+1 Offset to Conserve Program puts your company in direct contact with some of the most impactful climate projects in the regions where LATAM operates. By participating in the Program and offsetting your corporate travels, your company will support these projects in an amount equivalent to that of your calculated carbon footprint.

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Start tracking your positive impact

The 1+1 Offset to Conserve Program provides full transparency. By offsetting your corporate flights you get access to your own company portal from where you can receive monthly carbon reports, review verified climate projects, offset your company footprint – and keep track of your organization's positive climate impact.


Making climate action part of your corporate travels

Meet LATAM’s climate partner CHOOOSE, a leading climate technology company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Together with its ecosystem of industry partners and individual supporters, the CHOOOSE platform is accelerating access and adoption of climate solutions across a range of key technologies – from nature-based solutions to carbon removal to Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

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Ready to access the 1+1 Offset to Conserve Program? Send us a message, and your LATAM Representative will contact you to get you started.

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This solution is hosted and delivered by CHOOOSE™, a LATAM Airlines partner.

Email support at latamcorporate-support@chooose.today

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